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Find out what Sally's Diet Rite can do for you
Lose weight effectively without feeling deprived! We create a special calorie-controlled diet that's just for you... The most rewarding satisfaction is when you start shedding those extra kilos and feeling lighter and healthier!
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Do you have a specific medical condition?
Join us at Sally's Diet Rite for your specialized eating plan! Remember that "the greatest wealth is your health" and nutrition is the best promoter of health!
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Quick Tip
Is Kale as Healthy as Claimed?
The answer is yes! Kale is loaded with nutrients, namely vitamins C, A and K as well as calcium, iron, folic acid and fiber. This package of nutrients helps fights against heart disease, cancer, and inflammation. A good way to include it in your diet is by replacing the lettuce in your salad by chopped kale or sauté a bunch with a bit of oil and a little onion or garlic!
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Start Early...
Aim for a healthier future by taking care of your child's nutrition! If your child is on the chubby side, we help improve his/her eating habits in order to achieve a gradual weight loss.
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Get in touch
Join Sally's Diet Rite Facebook page and get ready for our news and helpful fun tips! Got questions about a healthy weight, healthy eating or anything about nutrition and food? Ask Sally live on her facebook page.

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